Ritchie Ramirez

Concept Artist / Designer / Illustrator

Born and raised in the Koreatown district of Los Angeles, California, the entertainment industry has consistently been on the forefront of Ritchie’s career path.  As an artist, his direct influence has been derived from stories in movies, video games, and pop culture, which you can see resonating in his most recent work.  After receiving his BFA in Illustration from Cal State University, Long Beach, he quickly transitioned into working professionally in the entertainment industry as an artist.  He worked on a broad range of design and illustration in motion pictures, television and video games, coming full circle to creating in the industries that initially inspired him. As his career path continues to unfold, Ritchie strives to play an active role as a concept artist in entertainment and teacher.  When he’s not designing or drawing, Ritchie can be found furthering his active involvement and contribution within the dance world as a Freestyle/Bboy/House dancer.  Currently, he is freelancing, working on personal projects, and living a fulfilled life full of creativity and expression. 

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

-A. Einstein